Portfolio v1.0


A portfolio created to stand off against others.

By creating something out of the ordinary making sure that all your work becomes noticeable.
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Portfolio v2.0


Created to be more portable than version 1.0, while remaining to have it's own style and a lot of space.

This project also combined the best of both the analogue and digital world.
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A live TV broadcast combined with an interactive game, build in 8 weeks by 30 people.

A project where you realize that social atmosphere might even be more important than strict deadlines.
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Interactive Installation


An interactive station built for the children's book week.

Created for children from 7 to 9 as an introduction to the power of illustrations.
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Serious Gaming - Hospital Panic!


A serious game built for the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg.

Created to make life easier for doctors and nurses.
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Wanna Hyde? - Freespace


An isolation room for sane people. Can you stand to be isolated from everything that you know so well?

Or will you discover that you have a Hyde side as well?
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Creating the average CMD student - Freespace


2 Posters compiled out of several different CMD students.

Taking you through the timemachine to take something from the past to the future.
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Sweden? Hello!


En nu ik gearriveerd ben in Zweden kun je leuke berichten lezen hieronder.
Foto's bekijken via: foto's en het stagebedrijf: