For this assignment we went to the local recycle-store. Here we sought all the shelves for anything that might inspire us. After a search, which could have been prolonged with several hours, we found an old book with a year supply of conservative, catholic magazines. After going trough this book for nearly a full day, we found an interesting article about the most average woman. This story was about a psychologist, searching for the ideal woman. In his search he took 10 photographs of women and combined these with a special photographic technique, to create the woman shown.

The result was amazing. With a total of 116 pictures of 17 female and 36 male CMD students, the total frame was amazing to look at. We also had to make the conclusion that the original research was tampered with. Either the psychologist hand-picked the woman on size and/or own preference, or he altered the original photographs to fit with the others.