The Research
After doing some research and asking around, it appeared that even this year no one was going for a really special portfolio. It did not need that much research to find out which direction I wanted to head to, so i quickly started a list of demands.

The Demands
After the first portfolio assessment, I used some advice given and partially based the new demands for Portfolio v2.0 on it.

  • The Portfolio needs to be more portable than Portfolio v1.0 (transportable in a car without too much of a hassle).
  • It needs to be made of wood, as a personal touch.
  • It needs to contain both analogue and digital techniques.

The Design
By looking through the demands, a simple idea came into my head. Why not build a wooden briefcase? After some research, it appeared that the concept was already available on a small scale at home; the old-school wooden pencil box. It became an inspiration for me and i quickly started drawing some more sketches.

The Concept
The portfolio needed to contain the best of both worlds (analogue and digital). Therefore, the concept held two compartments inside the wooden box. One would contain several A2 showcases, which later on contained A2 prints of my work. The other compartment played host for a monitor, laptop and an RFID reader. The RFID reader was connected to the laptop / monitor.

The concept was based on the idea, that a viewer would see basic information on the analogue side in the showcases. When the viewer got intrigued by the image, or little data that was given, one could take the RFID chip, which matched the colour of the page and keep it in range of the RFID reader. The laptop would then show more (digital) details about the project that was displayed on the page.